Web Application Development

We specialise in development SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) web applications. By taking customer requirements or by looking at a problem presented to us we can break down the problems into raw data flows and then build powerful, fast, robust and easy to use web applications to solve the problems.


There is a sea of ever changing technology and we have experience in many different techs. Generally our chosen approach to problems is API powered backends using the blisteringly fast, ubiquitous PHP8 (Symfony, Yii2 or Laravel) or for more data/scientific solutions Python (Flask, NumPY/Panda) and JavaScript powered applications based upon VueJs. There is however no one-size-fits all solution and by taking a holistic approach to your problem we can factor in all the variables and suggest a development stack that suits your needs.

Cloud hosting is excellent. It is quick and scalable and generally our go-to solution using AWS (Amazone Cloud) or GCP (Google Cloud) but it is not for everyone. At very small or very large scales there are other solutions which must be considered.

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