Our Customers

We have been lucky to work with a number of interesting clients over the last decade and beyond. From private companies to various charities and public sector and NHS contracts. Some customers have brought long term SaaS products which we maintain and build to help them build their business and some short term contracts with fixed goals.

Below are a selection of customers who are happy to share their success with PHC Digital. There are a number of other customers and design agencies who we work with under NDA agreements as their technical expertise.

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We have been working with National Charity Dementia UK on a number of different SaaS products and websites for over a decade.

We are the trusted partner for a suite of SaaS solutions as well as the hosting and development of some of their suite of websites.

Our services include Development, DevOps, Project Management and Web Administration.

Synapsys Solutions are industry leaders on IoT based Energy Management and Energy Services Billing. We have been working together for years building and maintaining a suite of Cloud Native SaaS applications especially designed to scale as their business continues to grow.

Our services include Development, DevOps and Project Management.

We work with Digitail Inc on Single Sign On Okta integrations for their robust PIMS. It includes popular integrations, native Pet Parent App and customized dashboards & reporting.

Do you need help with Okta or Single Sign On solutions and integrating into your app?

We worked on a fixed contract with the University of East Anglia as part of their Pharmacy Training program. We built and maintained a suite of applications including document management, a program management portal and their front-end facing website.

We worked with The Patients Association on a fixed contract to build a e-Learning solution helping the users gain self certification to assist carers with knowledge and understanding of swallowing related risks in care home settings.

Scott Timber Buildings are East Anglia’s leading outside building company providing premium yet affordable outdoor buildings. We work with them on their main website as well as a SaaS solution for backend order administration.

Peter Beales Roses are the World Leaders in Classic Roses and we worked with them to develop an new e-commerce website, stock control system and implement integrations between their EPOS (till) software and their custom Sage back office accounts system.

We worked with the Charity for Civil Servants on a joint project with another charity. The web application was built to help their users get the best care for dementia carers by letting them access the most effective communication channel when getting help and assistance.

We worked with Thorncroft Clematis for many years on integrating their EPOS software with their website, before helping them move to an eCommerce all in one EPOS and Website SaaS solution. We still work with them on various hosting related projects and for technical consultancy as and when needed.

Net Communications are an Internet Service Provider and IT Support company. We have helped and supported Net Communications with a number of DevOps tasks as well as writing custom Nominet integrations for domain registration and assistance with server setups and hosting.

We worked with the Pre-reg Trainee Pharmacist Programme and their team on a fixed contract. We worked on a variety of projects including a private document portal, several front end facing websites and a Moodle based e-Learning application.

Whartons Nurseries Ltd are the UK largest wholesale producers of garden roses. We have worked with them for a number of years on their website and backend web application for trade customers.

KPS Roses are a Norfolk based wholesale grower of roses who came to us to help with a complete branding and website exercise. We helped define a brand as well as getting their vans printed and building a marketing website.

Elevate Plastering are a specialist heritage plastering company who needed a website creating on a quick turn around. We helped with branding and built them a marketing led website for them to include in their marketing communications.

Hapkido is a little-known martial art studied by some of the biggest names in martial arts movies. A local instructor came to us looking for help promoting his club and the Hapkido brand. We built an e-learning application where different ranks could only access learning material appropriate for them.

We have worked on a huge range of projects across a number of different sectors and have experience with many different technologies. Why don’t you contact us to see how we can help you?