PHC Digital is an agency that focuses on building and maintaining SaaS products that work for you

The Crew

PHC Digital is a team of 7 talented individuals with skills ranging from backend API application development through to Cloud Artitecture design and implementation through to front end applications as well as Agile project management and in the case of Director Pete Henshall 20+ years of varied experience in the industry.

Our Philosophy

Positive. Energetic. Engaged. These aren’t just empty words but an ethos that permeates through the business and is a shared lived experience lived by everyone who works for us.


Primarily we offer Cloud Web Application and SaaS development services. We can design and build a variety of web applications and web sites with experience across charity, public and private sector. You have an idea? We can help you manifest that idea into a tangible solution. Do you have a product that isn’t performing as you want? We can sort it for you.

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